About SMA

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SMA is a young company started in march 2015. It is started with a vision to provide socially conscious designs and solutions to the Indian Construction Industry.

We at SMA, believe that architects have a purpose in the society. The community of architects have the responisbility of improving the living condition of people of all strata of society by providing quality spaces. SMA holds integrity and trust as its core values.

We brainstorm the design needs and provide great spaces for all human needs.

We listen, study and understand client aspiration and transform them into fine architectural spaces. We believe buildings breath and light & air are critical elements of design for a memorable and lively architecture. The design needs to provide sufficient enclosed spaces with, opening and voids for efficient flow of air and light.

Principal Architect

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SMA was founded by Shameer Mohamed and he is the principal architect.

He brings with him a vast 16 years of experience in architecture and interior design. Having passed out of BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore, Shameer has worked in Bangalore and Dubai. The companies he was associated with are Atelier, Associated Consulting Engineers, Dubai, Thomas Associates and KGD.

The last position he held was as Senior Associate and Senior Project Manager at KGD. He had been with KGD for 7 years.

His portfolio includes projects in Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Bangalore, Delhi, Gujarat, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

He has a passion for innovation and challenges. He constantly tries to bring about innovation in the way designs are perceived and implemented.

What We Do?


Architectural Design

SMA specializes in conceiving, detailing and executing fine ideas for architectural spaces. We initiate the project by having a feel of the site (SITE VISIT) as we... Read More



Creative Architectural Spaces would have to be laid out with carefully designed products. From furntiture to Fixed furniture, Wall paper to lighting, the whole of visible interior items have to be...Read More



All open spaces, either exterior or interior have to be developed with hardscape and softscape. This is important to get the built up structure ..Read More



All creative extravaganza have to be made stable and structurally strong. This is taken up by SMA from the concept design stage by having ...Read More


Plumbing Design

All plumbing needs (Water supply, drainage and sewage) are taken up by SMA, this will be designed and detailed by sub consultant of SMA. We will cordinate ...Read More


Electrical Design

Electrical design from layout, power supply drawing to panel design aare taken up by SMA, this will be designed and detailed by sub consultant of SMA...Read More


Accoustic Design

Control of audio/ voice is very important in enclosed space. The design of accoustics from layout design to panel design are taken up by SMA, this will be...Read More


Mechanical Design

The quality of air and its humidity and temperature is very important to be maintained in a very comfortable level...Read More